Ecstasy, the term generally used for MDMA was initially developed in the early 20th century as a form of appetite suppressant. However, due to its hallucinogenic properties, the drug was never used for the intended purpose. In the 1960s, Ecstasy saw its way to medical usage as a medication for treating mental illnesses. However, it was short lived due to the effects that it has been doing to the patients. The 1980s saw the emergence of the nightclub era and it ecstasy started to become a prominent drug used by young party-goers. This trend has continued on till the 90s and still is very much present today as used mainly by young college students.

The drug is utilized and absorbed in a number of ways including orally, smoking, and snorting and in some cases, as a form of suppository or taken from the anus. However, in the past, it was not used as a form of injectables but today, with the prominence of multivariate usage, injections have become popular as well. Compared to drugs like heroin, cocaine and nicotine, it was said that ecstasy is not as physically addictive. It is very much affecting the emotional and sensory state of the individual. Ecstasy is a form of stimulant and hallucinogen. With this drug, the person has heightened state of euphoric feeling. He feels light, more emphatic and relaxed. The drug, depending on preparation or combination can last from 3 to 5 hours.

Another result of ecstasy use is loss of appetite as well as the desire to sleep which is mainly why it has become popular to students in college. This result can last for at least a couple of days and added to that, they feel that they cannot live without it and as a result, they become regular users. The seductive effects of ecstasy make it hard to resist and those who have been accustomed to the euphoric effects will find it hard to let it go. A person who does have dependence on ecstasy will have the same level of defensiveness to those who take cocaine and stronger drugs.

With frequent use of ecstasy, the person develops tolerance to it so higher doses are needed. However, it starts to show lesser euphoria and the effects of amphetamines can spike up. Those who know this aspect space their ecstasy usage to at least 2 months intervals but others do not have the patience to do that.